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Child sex: English Premier League player arrested

Gylfi Sigurdsson

As football players around the world campaign against the persecution of women and children, it brings total shame to world football. English Premier League player arrested in child sex case

The star was arrested and released by the police there are reports, however no major media outlet has yet released an arrest report as there are legal hurdles to release the star’s name.

Although no official news or name has been released yet, we found the person based on an investigation by AaveshamClub Global. 31 year old Everton player Gylfi Sigurdsson is the culprit.

But his wife denied the news of his arrest.
According to reports, the club have released the player has been expelled.

After preliminary investigations into the arrested star, there are reports that the police have released him. The star is being investigated for sending obscene messages to a minor girl.

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