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“History changes with sunil chethri”, his name gona to be celebrated as football day

Sunil Chetri FIFA

Sunil Chetri, the legendary player of the Indian football team, has received the highest recognition a player can get in the history of Indian football.  The city of Delhi (National Capital) celebrates Sunil Chhetri’s birthday on August 3 as Football Day.

 The Delhi Football Association has taken such a crucial decision to honor Sunil Chhetri. The Delhi Football Association has decided to honor Sunil Chhetri and lay the foundation stone for a number of projects for the growth of football.

 The Football Association has also decided to start a football league called the 37 Plus League to cater to those over the age of 37.  The Delhi Football Association has come up with a new venture, 37 Plus, with the aim of bringing to light retired players from active football.

 It has to be said that Indian football came to light with the emergence of the Indian Super League but long before that time came, there were a handful of players who went unnoticed before them and the Delhi Football Association took a very exemplary decision with the aim of bringing them all to light.

The historical decision has made by Delhi Football Association will catch the eye of those who love Indian football. The Delhi Football Association is sure to be in the hearts of Indian football fans

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